Maël Brunet

I'm a self-taught french (front-end) web developer and UI designer living in Brussels, Belgium. I code mostly on the client-side, designing accessible and beautiful interfaces with HTML & CSS, and programming awesome experiences with JavaScript. For more information about my professional experience, please have a look at my resume.

Things I ️(and I like to think I'm pretty good at)

  • Clean, semantic HTML markup
  • Responsive, well scoped CSS
  • Modular, composable JavaScript
  • Well commented, maintainable code
  • Modern JavaScript frameworks (I have a soft spot for Vue.js)
  • Lightweight, performant websites
  • Accessibility — the web is for everyone
  • Beautiful, clearly understandable UI
  • Meaningful and playful animations
  • SVG
    Perfect for icons, logos, animations
  • Attention to detail : it's the little things that matter
  • Code reviews, discussing and sharing best practices
  • Using the right tools for the perfect build process
  • Styleguide and design systems to build consistent UI at scale
  • KISS
    Avoid unnecessary complexity
  • JAMstack
    The JAMstack is my jam (this very website is built with Hugo)

Outside of web development

I love hiking and running, especially out in the woods.

Food is very important to me, I enjoy every part of the process : picking the right ingredients, cooking (I'm not big on cakes, but I like making just about anything else), and sharing a meal in good company. I find the whole process very similar to web development in some aspects.

I play video games (though not as much as I used to), mostly on PC, and I have a particular fondness for rich narrative experiences and emergent stories.

Other than that, I enjoy spending time with friends, preferably over a nice, cool beer 🍺.