Maël Brunet

Hi, I'm Maël Brunet.

I have a background in political sciences, but I switched to working in web development full-time around 2015. I’m based in Brussels, Belgium.

I’ve done some full-stack work, but I specialise and focus on the front-end. I especially enjoy working on and with design systems (the styleguide for this website can be found here). I currently work at Keytrade Bank. Previously, I worked at Isabel Group and Emakina on a wide range of projects and technologies. I also speak at conferences, co-organise a series of developer meetups in Belgium, mentor students, and occasionally contribute to open source projects.

For more details about my professional experience, see my resume or find me on LinkedIn.

This is my home on the web and portfolio for my side projects. The code for this website can be found on my GitHub.